The stunning betta fish is a member of a big genus of fish, that includes gouramis and all betta varieties.  Most bettas are pretty small-sized and more often than not vibrantly colored.  Bettas are a specific variety of fish known as a labyrinth fish.  Betta fish are extremely violent fish, and for many years, people have forced them to battle other bettas, earning them the title Siamese fighting fish.brutal actions have earned them the name Siamese fighting fish.  Because of this, they are usually happiest when kept on alone. [,_Care,_Nutrition_and_Breeding you could try these out]

Other than their large flowing fins that make them look large, bettas are actually pretty small.  Most betta fish typically  only get to be roughly three inches in length and a half an inch thick.  The normal color of a betta is brown and green, however many bettas become covered in vibrant colors such as navy blue, magenta, creamsicle and a whole lot more.  These fish were created by selective breeding of the fish.  Even fin shapes have been changed as a result of breeding - wild betta fish have really small fins, but lots of fish in the aquarium hobby features very large flowing fins. [ this website]

Males should never be kept together.  The bettas combative behavior will lead to perpetual fights, wounds and potentially death.  In the same way, males will habitually attack females.  If you are not breeding bettas – which is best left for a seasoned hobbyist, you should never house female and male bettas with each other.  The sole exception, is female bettas.  You can keep a small group of female betta fish in the same tank in what's referred to as a betta sorority.  You need to make sure you add plenty of hiding places.  It's possible to keep a handful of other kinds of fish with a single male or several female betta fish.  Learn about betta fish compatibility to be sure you select appropriate fish.

Siamese fighting fish are carnivorous fish.  Bettas have mouths that point upwards and enjoy feeding on the surface of the water.  In their natural environment, betta fish feed on larvae of mosquitoes and other aquatic bugs, as well as brine shrimp.  If your betta will eat them, betta pellets are an easy and inexpensive choice.  Most betta foods are a combination of foods, for instance shrimp, bloodworms and grains to hold it together.  Frozen shrimp and glassworms are a wonderful treat for your betta fish.

The most frequent betta fin disease will be the fin rot. If your aquarium features broken edges inside it or maybe a number of well-defined finish; it in all probability affects your fish in some way or the other. In the event the fish’s physique moves one these sharpened perimeters; your vulnerable and also fragile fins manage to split. The results are usually that the fins acquire spoiled progressively. Preparing any other part try investment the right period in researching concerning your selections. Without having a perfect study, your opportunity could end in wanting to bo pointless. Therefore, attempt the internet message boards wherever additional betta fish enthusiasts article his or her experience and get your current concerns resolved just before jumping to acquire a betta fish.

A good number of people say bettas only live 2 to 3 years, but the truth is in a well cared for aquarium, bettas typically live for as long as 7 years.  With an adequate living space and decent food, you will have a very happy and healthy fish.  Bettas are an amazing fish, but they're pretty aggressive and should be housed  in a specific tank.

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