Each and every good carpenter and hobby woodworker needs a powerful, reliable circular saw in their tool collection.  The amazing versatility of the circular saw will allow it to perform an astonishing diversity of duties, that makes it one of the most in-demand tools in most wood working shops.  The option to set the depth and angle of your cut makes all types of things possible. 
You can get 2 different designsof circular saws presently: in-line circular saws and worm-drive circular saws.  The main difference between them is the positioning of the motor, which substantially affects the amount of torque delivered.  With a worm-drive saw, the motor is attached parallel to the blade.  This design enables the motor to transmit a large amount of power to the blade, permitting it to cut through a variety of stuff, from wood to metal.  Generally speaking, most pro tradesmen use worm-drive saws on account of the increased power and versatility.  All the same, the increased torque and power also ensures they are much more dangerous than in-line saws.  Because of this, it is my opinion that worm-drive saws really should only be used by pro's.  Here is a lot more information about that here: 
[http://circular-saw-reviews.info/skil-5480-01-7-14-inch-circular-saw-kit/ on front page]

For general DIY projects, an in-line (or sidewinder) saw is an amazing choice.  Though in-line saws offer less power than a worm-drive saw, most in-line saws will present no problem with nearly any project you'll be able to throw at it, except large industrial construction.  Moreover, they are easier to use, safer and lighter.  Check to be sure the circular saw you choose features an electronic brake.  This feature triggers the flow of electricity to be reversed whenever you let go of the trigger, forcing the blade to stop promptly.  This is an important and valuable safety feature. 

If portability is important to you, you might want to look at a cordless circular saw.  This will allow you to use them nearly anywhere, without needing bulky extension cords and a generator.  You will discover a couple disadvantages to portable circular saws: they have less torque, and you are limited by the runtime of the battery pack .  It is possible to buy additional batteries to lengthen the run time, though you have to remember to check that they they're charged up, which is often an inconvenience.

Be sure to consider the type of work you are likely to be carrying out before deciding on any type of power tool.  This is especially correct with circular saws.  If you need to switch blades on a regular basis, buying a saw with a quick-change blade feature could save you lots of time down the road.  If you require deep cuts, you need a saw with a blade capacity high enough to meet your expectations.  Additionally, don't forget to look at some circular saw reviews prior to you making your purchase to be sure you purchase the best circular saw you possibly can.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, every tradesmen and DIY'er needs a solid, reliable circular saw in their tool collection.  The incredible overall flexibility of the circular saw enables it to perform an awesome variety of tasks, rendering it among the most popular tools in most wood-working shops.  The option to change the depth and angle of your cut opens up the door to a variety of possibilities.

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